Case Study: Children's Hospital Initiative

Problem: When Bob Iger announced that Disney was donating $100 million to children's hospitals around the country, Imagineering asked me to join the design team. There were no plans for how to spend the money, only an upcoming press conference.

Solution: I worked with a brilliant team of designers, engineers, company volunteers, and hospital professionals to craft a design package that could be scaled to different settings. We also developed an animated presentation for the shareholder announcement. We were all moved by the very real struggles sick children and their families face every day.

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  • 2018-19
  • Concept, Design, Painting, Illustration
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Art Director: Nancy Seruto

Visual Vocabulary

The professionals who work with sick kids every day had a lot to say about how best to nurture children through the often scary hospital process. My job, along with other talented artists at Imagineering, was to distill all of the input into visuals that would communicate that process to stakeholders at the company.

I developed a visual vocabulary that communicated our designs in a narrative timeline.


Presentation Art

Another challenge we had to address was how best to present the designs to shareholders and the media. So I used a different illustration style to express the soft, inviting environment we were trying to create. The team built an animated presentation that showed the magic of all their technological proposals.

Phase 2

Once the presentation was complete, the team narrowed their focus to come up with concrete designs. I was involved in early mural concepts.

Extra Touches

From spot art to last-minute signature images used in the marketing materials.

The Result

Disney worked with their internal artists to create a program that debuted at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston in 2019.  In 2021, they expanded access to Child Life teams in children's hospitals and places of care in more than 30 countries. I was honored to be part of the early concept team.