Case Study: Interior Mural, Jupiter Foods Petaluma

Problem: Create an interior mural that embodied the spirit and values of Jupiter Foods, a socially responsible grocer in Petaluma, CA.    

Solution: I developed a design for a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables in a mandala shape, to fit over a  window (and future cash register).

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  • 2022
  • Concept, Design, Painting
  • Jupiter Foods
  • Owner: Dan Bleakey-Formby

The Process

I develop concept sketches and color studies until the client is happy with the design.

Painting in Place

It's rare that I get to paint actual murals on walls anymore. This one was straightforward and satisfying.


This phase is simply about laying in color, and on-the-spot mixing of paints.

The Fun Part

Once all the base shapes are in, the fun part starts: rendering! Using a variety of brush techniques (and loud tunes in the AirPods), I add dimensions that give the mural life.

The Result

A happy client, a fresh dose of color in the space, and plenty of grapes!