Mandalas fascinate me - as both a graphic format and a spiritual journey. Many cultures around the world have their own version of a circle graphic: rose windows, compasses, calendars, Celtic knots, Persian suns. To me, these images create an opportunity to connect in a new way. For example, when I painted a mandala on the wall of my studio, I enlisted the help of friends; and so it became a piece about friendship, home and family. When I designed and painted a bee-themed mandala for a client, he helped me paint it on his farm - enriching his experience of the piece and making it his own. These mandalas become more of a community creation, bringing friends and family together.

Creating mandalas has evolved naturally out of Parr's long history with designing graphic elements for corporate clients. See her graphic illustration and design for some examples.

  • 2017-present
  • Painting, Personal
  • Various private collections