Graphic Novels

A graphic novel is generally seen as a more narrative or interpretive form of a traditional comic. Parr first started creating long form cartoons in grade school to narrate her experiences. After catching the bug for theme park design, she put the comics aside for a few years. Then when her father died, and she discovered he'd been homeless for several years, all she could do was write about it and draw pictures. Her passion for comics was re-awakened. She returned to school to get an MFA in Illustration/Graphic Novels, and launched an ambitious webcomic about transgender superheroes. She worked with a writing partner to develop animation pitches and comics for television. Graphic novels are Parr's favorite combination of narrative and art - and a perfect way to hone her visual storytelling skills.

See - Parr's graphic novel about transgender superheroes in America .

See - a comic (pitch) about recyclables in a dump (illustrated by Parr, co-written with Char Easton).

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