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About Maggie Parr

Maggie ParrMaggie Parr is a professional artist and writer working in Los Angeles. She has designed and created artwork for themed environments around the world, including Disney parks, Universal Studios, and more. She’s been a featured artist with the Disney Gallery since 2005, and has developed an international following for her classical portraits of the characters. Her passion for oil painting extends into her personal work, which is expressionist in style. She has exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and New York since 1992. To see her personal work, visit her fine arts site.

Parr is also a writer. She's written two novels and several short stories, one of which was a finalist in the Santa Fe Writers Project (SFWP) Contest. She received an MFA in Illustration, focusing on Graphic Novels, and is developing a webcomic. In addition, she and her writing partner Char Easton have co-written screenplays for a new animated series for Hasbro Studios; and developed a pilot, short film, spec script, and a bible for an adult animated comedy series. Details upon request.

Select client list:
Walt Disney Imagineering
NBC Universal
Caruso Affiliates
St. Martins Press
Landmark Creations
Bank of America
C2 Creative
Jack Morton Worldwide

Select publications:
Designing Disney’s Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance, New York: Flammarion Press, 1997
Walt Disney Imagineering, New York: Hyperion Press, 1996
The Airship, Wooly & The Wizard, The Mudblups, The Missing Princess, and The Treasure, Alchemy II, 2005
The Airship, from “The New World of Teddy Ruxpin”, YES! Entertainment Corporation, 1998

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